Born and raised in Japan and surfed in California, and explored in Germany. I developed strong communication skills and creative abilities. 
Through surfing, I met valuable individuals and together founded a free Japanese art magazine during school time. Consequently, we contributed to the advancement of Japanese community culture in the United States. After graduating from the university, I joined a cloud network venture company, Meraki in San Francisco as a lead in-house designer. My position was responsible for managing and upholding corporate brand and identity. 
At Projekttriangle Design Studio in Stuttgart, Germany, I specialized in developing visual identities for clients in Germany, Swiss, and England. After being back in Tokyo, I studied under Motoo Nakanishi, a pioneer of Japanese corporate identity, to strengthen my design thinking and understandings of others to innovate corporate branding.
Expanding my global vision and improving international understandings as a designer, I convey complex information and ideas into clear strategic visual solutions that help build a vibrant society and economy. I am seeking to develop innovations and challenges worldwide in the field of design.    


またドイツ、シュトゥットガルトのデザイン事務所では、企業イメージ(VI)のプロジェクトをさらに特化し、ドイツ、スイス、そしてイギリス企業のイメージ作りに携わりました。日本ではこれまで培ってきた技能をいかし、日本型CIを築き上げた中西元男氏のもとで、 日本の中小企業およびグローバル企業のアイデンティティの確立に取り組みました。

Daisuke Nitta Design
4-13-5-203 Yoga, Setagaya-ku,
Tokyo 158-0097 Japan
+81 (0)90 9973 3959

090 9973 3959

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